Platform Training Videos

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The following training videos use small, simple customer examples to demonstrate our basic features. However, our diverse roster of clients include some of America's largest mobile marketing agencies and non-profit orgnaizations that rely on our best-of-breed features, ease of use, reliability, and performance. If you're an action-oriented marketer who is ready to try mobile marketing with short codes, you've come to the right place!

If you're new to mobile marketing, then start with "It's Lonely at the Top".
Features and functions matrix of our SMS Campaign Management Tools.

SMS Marketing 101 Video     

SUMOTEXT 101 A Quick Navigational Tour:      
  Part 1 - The Dashboard and Basic Settings 1 3:46 Call for Access
  Part 2 - Subscribers and Groups 2 3:12 Call for Access
  Part 3 - Scheduling Messages 3 4:56 Call for Access
SMS Marketing 101 Text-2-Join vs. Text-4-Info 4 0:00 Call for Access
Data Collection and Profiles Auto-Campaigns and Sticky Sessions 5 0:00 Call for Access
Vote Mode and Survey Mode 6 0:00 Call for Access
Web Forms 7 0:00 Call for Access
Organizing Subscribers Auto-Grouping 8 0:00 Call for Access
Query Builder 9 0:00 Call for Access
Integrating with SUMOTEXT Event triggers and Auto-Posting to
  Servers and External Data Sources 10 0:00 Call for Access
Highlighted Agency Features  The Dashboard, Sub-Accounts,
            Cross-Keyword Views, Limited      
  Permissions, and Filtering by Account 11 0:00 Call for Access
Utilities Facebook Tabs, Alias Keywords,      
App Discovery, URL Shortner, and      
WAP Sites 12 0:00 Call for Access
Mobile Giving Integrating Mobile Giving with      
  Mobile Marketing Keywords 13 0:00 Call for Access
Reporting In-app Reports and our Custom      
  Report Portal 14 0:00 Call for Access