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Tools to create, manage, and update Apple Passbook Passes
   Posted: December 16, 2015

Apple Passbook Passes

Tools to create, manage, and update Apple Passbook Passes

One of the most useful — and misunderstood — features in the iPhone is called Passbook. Apple created Passbook as an application for the iPhone to keep all of your tickets, coupons, membership cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards in one place. Apple Passbook is a perfect example of the benefits and power of the non-payment side of mobile wallets.

Deliver Passbook Passes directly into iPhones via MMS

This is a big deal! Read more: Distribute Dynamic Passbook Passes via MMS.

While Apple's 'Passbook App' comes pre-installed on all iPhones and tablets, SUMOTEXT can help you distribute these Passes to any device. We support other mobile wallets that read PKPass files on Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry.

For non-iOS consumers who don't want to install their Passes into a wallet, we provide links inside SMS to display each customer's unique Passes in HTML5 for reference anytime via a link inside an SMS message. When your passes get updated, so do all of your wallet installs - and your customer's custom HTML5 links!

Passbook Pass Builder and Pass Manager

Our Passbook Builder creates branded Passes with unique barcodes (QR, Aztec, PDF417) on each Pass for POS validation and redemption. Passbook-Pass-Templates

Our elegant interface allows you to choose from standard template types (Coupon Pass, Store Card Pass, Boarding Pass, Ticket Pass, Generic Pass) - then and drag and drop images, text, and colors to create rich, branded experiences.

Once your templates are created and saved, Passbook passes can be dropped into any SMS or MMS message flows via the SUMOTEXT campaign management tool for use with any short code or StarStar number campaign.

Your customer simply clicks on the pass to load it into their wallet where they can tap to open the pass they want to use. The barcode (QR, Aztec, PDF417) on the pass file is scanned by the merchant, and just like that, they've checked in for a flight, earned loyalty points, or redeemed a coupon!

  • Passbook Builder - Elegant tools to design your Passes. Choose your template, colors, logos, labels, and fonts. Save your template for quick editing or replicate a Pass you previously created to quickly edit and build new passes.

  • Pass Delivery - Anyone can deliver Passes through companion apps, mobile landing pages, or links inside emails. But SUMOTEXT Passbook Solutions can deliver Passes directly to mobile devices via MMS!

  • Dynamic Generation and Insertion - Pass temples get merged with variable data at run time for high throughput Pass generation with unique variables, tokens, and barcodes for each PKPass.

  • Update API's - We expose APIs so that your systems can trigger pass delivery or update the passes you have already delivered with new information.

  • Passbook Workflow Automation - Allows you to configure event triggers that fire off other actions or SMS / MMS message flows within our platform or to your systems when passbook events occur such as activating or linking a Pass ID number in your back end to a customer profile.

  • Developer Certificate - All passes need to be signed with an Apple-issued certificate to be installed by Passbook. While Passes should only be signed by the brand or entity distributing the pass, we provide a shared certificate for companies without an iOS developer account or doing a pilot. If you have an active iOS Developer account from Apple you can use your own Apple Pass Type certificate for signing passes as they are generated and delivered by our server on your behalf. Our account management team will walk you through the certificate creation process to ensure your Passes are compatible with an existing or future companion app.


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