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SMS Alerts for Corporate Communications, HR, Health and Safety, and Emergencies

The promotion of a keyword on a short code may have its roots in marketing, but corporations and large organizations are finding many other benefits to the ‘texting’ phenomenon.

Email will always have its place in corporate communication. However, with the ever increasing number of emails to sift through each day, corporations and employees are faced with email overload cutting into productivity. So how does corporate America maintain quality communication without cluttering up their employee’s inbox?

With corporate text alerts, like sms marketing, employees can now optin to special keywords related to a particular work location, a specific team or small group, a specific client, or a particular schedule or shift. Then, when an important time-sensitive message needs to be distributed, a text message alert can supersede an email.

With text alerts, a diligent and productive employee can stay focused on their current project and still get a text message reminding them of the upcoming conference call that starts in 5 minutes, or remind them of a team meeting about to begin.

With text alerts, an employee that is unable to make it to the office with a sick child can still be alerted to a potential important situation related to a specific client or project.

With text alerts, School Text Message Alerts, or workplace emergencies have a unified, trusted, and immediate source of communication and these messages can all be sent, received and read in seconds.

With text alerts, employees can reply to a group alert and instantly the reply can be distributed to all team members, similar to a ‘group chat’ through text.

With text alerts, a Department Manager can communicate with the entire team instantly, regardless of individual location,   and know that they will not hear the excuse… “I missed that email”. (This use is similar to the value of our Stadium Text Messages solution.)

As corporations look to cut costs and increase profits, studies show that employee efficiency may be the missing key. Any tool which can improve employee efficiency and internal communications will be moving to the forefront of the discussion in this ever-increasing mobile world that we live and work in.

Text Message Notifications... more than consumerism

Most consumers perceive the standard SMS from a short code as a friendly promotion from one of their favorite restaurants, retail stores, or hangouts. This is a personal connection they have asked for in order to know what's going on at their favorite places or to receive some discount or special offer for being a VIP consumer.

But consumerism is not the only driving force behind the SMS short code explosion. National non-profits and large volunteer organizations are both finding the mobile connection to their constituents a valuable asset and both are working to find new and creative ways to enhance those relationships using text message notifications.

NPO's are getting headlines for the 'mobile giving' trend and are being applauded for using technology and efficiency in raising new money. But the most successful NPO's are using weekly text message notifications to 'cement' the relationships they have established and inform and educate on the values of their NPO.

Email notifications will always have a place for these NPO's, but because of the personal nature of the mobile phone, these mobile notifications add a 'special personal touch' to the traditional communications channels.

For example, an email can say..."Be sure to watch the Nat Geo special on the world's decreasing water supply, tomorrow at 8pm EST. Then check us out on our Facebook page afterwards to give us your comments and input."

But with 'Text Message Notifications', the same NPO can send out an SMS to thousands of their followers that reads... "Tune your TV to NatGeo in 10 min for an important special report. Reply with your comments and they will be posted on our Facebook Page live throughout the broadcast. (2part text) To donate, send a text reply 'DONATE' and you will have the opportunity to give $10 of which $9.75 goes directly to this project.

In this way, a notification reaches more people exactly when you want to reach them, increases participation, makes feedback easier, and makes the connection much more personal. Because the recipient is accustomed to receiving these weekly notifications, the reminder they can also donate will not be seen as solicitation, but rather participation.

For the large organization with thousands of members scattered throughout many cities, states and time zones, text message notifications have a unique way of bringing them all together. Certainly, each location can have certain unique programs or agendas based on their particular circumstances, but being apart of a large organization, together they must share common themes and goals and these are perfect to share through large group SMS notifications.

The uniqueness of each location can also be a great thing to share with the larger groups through sms. Leaders in one area can get ideas by joining keywords of other areas and hear and see what they are doing that is unique and creative to their cause. The ones only interested in local happenings will simply not join these national keywords, so everyone can choose which notifications they want to receive.

As a #1 rule, locally, these text notifications increase participation... for example: "Tonight's District 14 Leadership meeting is open to all members and we will be conducting an important Q&A session. Please reply with your questions now, and they will be discussed tonight."

After participation, organization would seem to be the 2nd largest benefit for these large volunteer organizations. Locations can change, event times can be adjusted, weather can affect needs and requirements, traffic and unexpected events can cause unforeseen problems, and text message notifications can help solve many of these issues, instantly improving organization.

A volunteer wants to be 'in the know', and the world we live in is mobile. The text message notification is a guaranteed way of reaching 95% of everyone within minutes, regardless if they are a smartphone user or not, regardless if they live on their email, and regardless of where they are; so naturally it's appreciated by the recipient.

With many volunteer organizations, the participant's time is often the most valuable commodity they are giving to the organization. If just 1 text notification can save each volunteer just 1 lost hour per year because of improved organization, then the mobile initiative can easily pay for itself through member retention. Wasting a donor's money is bad, but wasting a volunteer's time is worse.

Participation and organization are the lifeline of a successful and productive NPO or volunteer organization. All studies and polls have shown a successful mobile initiative through consistent beneficial mobile notifications will encourage the membership and bring enthusiasm to the general cause for all future events and programs.

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