SUMOTEXT Announces Mobile Marketing Partnership to the Restaurant Industry

Long Range Systems and SUMOTEXT Announce Partnership

Chicago, IL -- (Marketwire - May 4, 2012) - Long Range Systems (LRS) and SUMOTEXT Corporation today announced their joint offering to provide mobile marketing services to the restaurant industry at the International FoodService Marketplace NRA Show 2012.

With this partnership, LRS becomes the exclusive distributor of the SUMOTEXT mobile marketing platform to the restaurant industry and includes special pricing agreements for LRS customers to access the online campaign management tools that were ranked #1 for the second consecutive year by in their Text Message Marketing Review 2012.

LRS has been the leading innovator of onsite communication and guest paging systems since 1993 when LRS President Ken Lovegreen invented the popular coaster format that lights up when a guest's table is ready. Today, LRS has over 20 patents protecting their 35 products, including the patent covering cell phone paging available in the Freedom Paging System. LRS guest paging systems are in use at over 75,000 restaurants around the world and represented by over 40% of the U.S. restaurant market.

"As the text message notifications component of Freedom Paging System has become more popular, our clients have asked us to provide guests the additional ability to opt-in to mobile loyalty and rewards programs, said Ken Lovegreen. "While we were initially concerned with security, privacy, and compliance policies, when evaluating mobile marketing partners, the SUMOTEXT people and platform really stood out and gave us the confidence to put our reputation behind this exciting joint offering."

"While text messaging can be a fun tool to identify, attract, and reward guests, we're focused on solutions that enhance or accomplish a measurable business goal," said Timothy Miller, President of SUMOTEXT. "If you're into email marketing, then SMS is the absolute best way to capture an email address.  If you're into social media, then SMS is the best way to link followers to your fan pages. If you've developed a mobile application, then SMS can provide a 1-click link that will detect and install the appropriate app on your customer's phone."

 While the companies will offer both complete and hybrid managed services, the SUMOTEXT SMS marketing platform is best known for its ready-to-go, self-service features. The online campaign management tools allow clients to login and fully control even the most advanced mobile marketing campaigns and message flows while leveraging advanced data collection, personalization, segmentation, and targeting.

One of the more exciting features for multi-unit restaurant operators is location-aware messaging. Using the SUMOTEXT geo fence builder, clients are able to draw shapes on a map that designate areas around restaurant locations. This allows clients to publish a single call to action across the entire brand and still associate subscribers with specific stores while delivering custom, location-specific promotions and rewards.

SUMOTEXT is also known for its drag and drop interface for building multimedia messages, also known as MMS.  MMS allows clients to send and receive pictures, audio, and video files inside a text message, including dynamic coupons with barcodes or QR codes that can be scanned, validated, and redeemed at the POS (point of sale).

Ken Lovegreen said, "Our customers know and trust our reputation for innovation, reliability, service, and support. We chose SUMOTEXT because we wanted the same from a mobile marketing partner and value the deep subject matter expertise and experience that we believe will ensure the success of our client's programs."

About Long Range Systems
Long Range Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of on-premise paging, messaging, and guest management solutions sold globally and used in a variety of settings including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, daycares, amusement parks, churches, and medical facilities. We own over 20 patents and market over 30 products that are built in our own U.S factory and designed to streamline operations, improve service, and increase sales.


SUMOTEXT Corporation is a one stop shop for marketers wanting to kick-start and sustain conversations with mobile audiences via SMS and MMS. Our diverse roster of over 300 brands, agencies, and non-profits leverage our SMS gateway and campaign management tools to activate their offline media, spark mobile conversations, and collect data by engaging their most valued customers and constituents on their mobile device via text messaging. SUMOTEXT is also 1 of 6 companies certified by the BBB Mobile Giving Foundation to provide SMS Giving solutions to charities and non-profits.

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Long Range Systems


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