Star Star Codes

What are Star Star Codes?

StarStar™ numbers are intelligent vanity phone numbers. They kick-start customer engagement by combining traditional voice calls with the ability to deliver location-aware and device-aware menus, links, and digital content via SMS and MMS. Over 200 brands have leased their own StarStar number

They provide a fast and familiar way for consumers to respond to Broadcast, Print, and Outdoor ads through a simple phone all.  They can forward calls and engage callers with menus, SMS, and MMS.

  • They are easy to dial.
  • They are easy to remember.
  • They invite action.
  • They recognize a caller's current physical location.
  • They forward calls to your business.
  • They send your callers a text message.

Partnership with Zoove

SUMOTEXT has a partnership agreement with Zoove Corporation, the wireless carriers’ official national registry of the newest abbreviated dial codes called StarStar codes. Our agreement allows clients to control their StarStar numbers with our campaign management tool and apply geo fences to route calls and engage callers with SMS and MMS campaigns based on the location of the caller's mobile device.

Our Subsidiary, Star Star Local

Through our new subsidiary Star Star Local, SUMOTEXT also holds the exclusive national license to Zoove's most popular generic StarStar codes that describe local business service categories including **BANK, **LIMO, **EDU, **TOW, and **SOLD.

Location-Aware Call-Forwarding, SMS and MMS

Our platform includes tools for clients to draw geo fences around their store locations for "location-aware" messaging. This allows multi-unit retail or restaurant brands to promote a consistent marketing message and “call-to-action” across multiple channels and geographies while responding with targeted offers/rewards based on the location of the customer's mobile device.

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Short Codes

    Demo Passbook & MMS

    Text: DEMO To: 74700
    Or simply call **DEMO (**3366)

         **NFL (Verizon/NFL)
         **XF (X-Factor)
         **THD (The Home Depot)
         **DD (Dunkin' Donuts)

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    Phone: 1-800-480-1248

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