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The leading SMS Marketing and MMS marketing software and services.
   Posted: December 16, 2015

SMS and MMS Marketing Software

Ranked #1 in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

SMS and MMS marketing services via short codes and StarStar numbers is our sole expertise and every client has instant access to our SMS platform via powerful campaign management tools. Our online software platform is easy to use and fully controls the most advanced SMS and MMS campaigns and message flows.

Independent Awards and Reviews

SMS Marketing Gold Award Winner "In the world of text message marketing services, SUMOTEXT is the resident heavyweight. This product shows its strength in its extensive feature set and reporting capabilities, which enable you to win the attention of your consumers and open up two-way communication. You will be hard-pressed to find an SMS marketing service that will so effectively augment your marketing strategies, which is why we are pleased to give this service our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award."

"As a text message marketing service, SUMOTEXT goes above and beyond in creating a solution to help any business improve communication with their customers. We found the interface intuitive and comprehensive in scope, allowing us to easily create texting campaigns while at the same time enabling us to monitor real-time results of conversations taking place. Whether you want to send out coupon codes, polls, auto-responders or open up conversation with a simple text, this service will easily suit your needs."
Text Message Marketing Review 2013

We want to help you accomplish a Business Goal

Though SMS marketing can be a fun tool to excite a brand's image and engage consumers, we're focused on solutions that increase our client's conversions and sales, reduce customer service costs, and move the needle for business unit leaders with P&L responsibility.

  • Activate and measure your radio, TV, direct mail, and print advertising.
  • Spark conversations with customers and prospects.
  • Attract them with mobile contests, sweepstakes, polls, and surveys.
  • Collect opt-ins for a mobile loyalty and rewards program.
  • Collect e-mail addresses for e-mail marketing.
  • Links fans to your social sites and destinations.
  • Provide 1-click links that detect devices and link directly to app stores.
  • Link shoppers to e-commerce and self-service content.
  • Deliver multimedia content, including barcodes for POS.

SMS and MMS Marketing Services

SMS and MMS Marketing Examples

You've probably been collecting email addresses for years. Text-2-Join keywords provide consumers a trusted method to 'opt-in' and 'opt-out' of text message marketing programs from their phone. SMS marketing works because it's fun, fast, and effective. The ability to reach your audience instantly - anytime, anywhere - with a 95% read-rate makes the mobile 'opt-in' the most precious element in your CRM database.

The Pareto Principle - also known as the Law of the Vital Few - suggests that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers. This principal was the foundation for the gaming industry's most successful marketing strategy ever - the Player's Club.

While similar customer identification strategies have since been adopted by most other business sectors, until now, email and direct mail were the only channels capable of leveraging these rich databases for targeted communications. With e-mail read rates for marketers down to 5% and the high-costs and long lead times associated with direct mail, sms marketing offers a more efficient and effective channel to identify, attract, and reward your most valued customers.

When your customer opts-in to a mobile marketing program:

  • You've identified someone very likely to buy, attend, or participate
  • You've received permission to send them text messages
  • You can reach them anytime and anywhere with a 95% read rate
  • You can send exclusive offers and promotions to your entire database
  • You can auto-organize your list into groups for highly targeted messages
  • You instill trust in your service by enabling users to 'Opt-Out' at any time

Popular strategies to build your sms marketing database:


It is commonly known that promoting contests in your sms marketing graphics is the absolute best tactic to building your database quickly. No matter how big or how small the prize, people love to enter to win! With our SMS marketing platform, texting is easy, instant, and fun - for the business and the consumer.


Polls are another great tactic. Asking your customers what they prefer can add valuable profiles to your customer database and help you target future campaigns more precisely. Combining a prize for customers that respond to polls is the perfect win-win! SUMOTEXT provides SMS marketing videos and white papers as well as real-world case studies.


Whether you are running a contest or not, consistent promotion of your MOBILE VIP CLUB will grow your database and yield rewards to you and your customers for years to come. You can also install one of our SMS marketing Facebook tabs and begin collecting opt-ins and profile at your facebook fan page. The key concept is 'exclusivity'.


Mobile alert programs make your communications efficient and effective while increasing attendance and participation for customers, employees, sales teams, stakeholders, and constituents. Once you have built your database, our platform let's you schedule time-sensitive sms alerts that can contain VIP offers and rewards, exclusive invitations, inventory arrivals, mobile coupons, or links to multimedia content and mobile commerce.


Surveys are multi-part polls, and our SMS surveys are smart - i.e. next questions are based on previous answers. Try this food and beverage industry DEMO - Text: SURVEY To: 84700

Text-4-Info Keywords

Not all short code programs require the end-user to 'opt-in'. Compliant mobile marketing companies like SUMOTEXT distinguish Text-4-Info keywords as those where the consumer does not opt-in. Text-4-Info keywords let consumers text to receive instant details, links to web sites, or portable mobile coupons via our SMS gateway. They are also a great way to let consumers provide feedback, request a callback, or link to download apps.

Tagging your ads with mobile 'Keywords' will not only engage users 24/7, it will increase response rates, measure the performance of each marketing channel, and give your customers a fun, portable, record to redeem, reference later, or share!

Unless you only care about brand building, your advertising budget is likely designed to generate responses and leads and/or drive consumers to events or locations. No matter which channel you prefer (banner ads, magazine, newspaper, radio, TV, direct mail, e-mail, tagging your ads with a mobile 'call to action' is a fun and effective way to increase response rates and SUMOTEXT provides SMS marketing small business discounts.

The benefits of tagging your ads with mobile keywords:

  • Support your customers and prospects 24/7/365
  • Deploy different keywords in each channel and compare the results
  • Collect data and/or qualify your leads with polls or surveys
  • Give your customers a portable record to redeem, reference later, or share
  • Auto-forward the lead to an e-mail address, mobile phone, or server.

Popular applications for Text-4-Info Keywords:

Great for real estate agents, auto dealerships, recruiters, or anyone that needs to capture more leads, minimize the size and length of a print ad, or provide mobile self-service 24/7.

Great for restaurants - e.g. "How was your food? How was the service? The manager wants to know!"

Great for businesses that want to drive consumers online to content, commerce, or app downloads.

Great for businesses that want to offer e-coupons or deliver promotional codes.

Great for consumers that don't want to wait on hold or leave a voice mail message after hours.

We work with brands and agencies, but also provide Text Message Solutions for Schools. Our security and guest-assist programs provide Stadium Text Message solutions that protect fans at sporting events.

We also provide API's, widgets, and web services like our custom SMS marketing Facebook applications that collect opt-ins and profiles from your Facebook fan pages. A text marketing program can be the connective tissue that enhances all of your traditional marketing channels. For additional information on the sms marketing statistics and the guide for SMS Marketing vs MMS or SMS Marketing Solutions, we have created an index of articles and news for SMS Marketing Coupons and SMS Marketing Alerts via short codes.

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