SMS Marketing Campaign Management Tools

SUMOTEXT Basic Features and Functions Matrix

Our online, self-service campaign manager allows you to quickly and easily develop, execute, and measure sms marketing campaigns.

Inbound campaigns invite mobile users to text a keyword to a short code. This tactic activates your offline media (RADIO, TV, PRINT, DIRECT MAIL) and kick-starts relationships with mobile audiences by giving customers and prospects a way to engage with your ad.

  • Entice prospects with mobile Contests, Sweepstakes, Polls, and Surveys.
  • Collect opt-ins and control Mobile VIP Clubs and Loyalty Programs.
  • Collect Email Addresses or link fans to Social Media and Apps.

Outbound campaigns target keyword lists, groups, or individual subscribers with relevent, time-sensitive SMS alerts, offers, and invitations via short codes.

Text-2-Join Keywords that build subscriber's databases and provide compliant opt-in confirmations
Text-4-Info Keyword that reply with info without an opt-in confirmation - e.g. coupon or link
Text-2-Vote SMS poll question that asks a user to respond "A", "B", "C", or "D"
Text-2-Win A system that replies with  "winner" and "loser" notifications based on odds of winning
Text-4-Survey A series of smart (responses determine questions) poll questions (Text: SURVEY  To: 84700)
Text-2- Chat Initiate and track  2-way SMS conversation over a short code
Text-2-Give Keywords configured for non-profits to add $5 or $10 donations to a consumer's phone bill.
Auto-Campaigns Configurable message flows that automatically follow a subscriber opt-in or request for info
Sticky Sessions Reply to a query with a question that asks for a random answer on a shared code
Personalization Tokens Including dynamic variables (dates and profile elements) to personalize a message.
Message Scheduler Scheduling an alert for a future date, time, and time zone
Recurring Alerts Schedule a message to recur daily, weekly, or monthly.
Copy Messages The ability to copy (then edit) old 'Sent' messages from scheduled message history
Sticky Polls Schedule a message that asks a question where the response may be random on a shared code
2-Part message Send a 320 character text message which the system splits into message (1/2) and (2/2)
Targeted Messaging Scheduling a campaign message to 'ALL', 'GROUPS', or 'INDIVIDUALS'
Cross-Keyword Send The ability to send a single message across multiple keywords
Cross-Keyword De-Dupe Removes duplicate recipient records when a message is scheduled across multiple keywords
Personalization Tokens Including dynamic variables (dates and profile elements) to personalize a message.
Field Alerts Schedule a message to 'ALL' or any 'Group' - remotely via SMS from an authenticated phone
Grouping Creating custom distribution groups within a keyword's subscriber database
Query Builder WYSIWYG SQL query builder that organize subscribers into groups
Auto-Grouping Auto-organize subscribers into groups (from web forms, polls, sticky sessions, or giving TXN's)
Web Forms Configurable web forms and widgets that collect user profile data online via browsers
WAP Sites Configurable mobile web sites to link subscribers to pictures and media
Find Subscriber Search and find a mobile number and view full message thread history
Alias Keywords Create and 'catch' alternate spellings and phrases and associate that with the actual keyword
Auto-Profiling Auto-store subscriber data from polls, sticky sessions, and mobile giving TXN's
Facebook Tabs Custom Tabs installed on Facebook Fan pages that collect profiles and opt-ins
User Permissions Limited credentials and permissions assigned to non-primary account users
Sub-Accounts Accounts associated with a primary billing account
Dashboard Consolidated views of vital account, user, and keyword summary via Dials, Graphs, and Charts
Cross-Keyword Views Report grids that show a consolidated view across keywords (and filtered by account)
Reporting Engine Highly advanced, cross-keyword, custom reporting engine (for ALL data and transactions)
Export Report grids that allow users to export as XLS or XML (TXN's, Subscribers, Reports, etc.)
API's and Web Services Configurable API's and web services to integrate external data sources and 3rd party apps
Auto-Integration Event triggers and Auto-Posting to Servers and External Data Sources
Facebook Tabs Custom tabs to install at your Facebook Fan page to collect profile data and mobile opt-in.
Alias Keywords Allows you to trap and catch alternate spellings to prevent returning an error to the user.
App Discovery Our redirect pages interrogate a browser then redirect to app store content or videos suitable for their device.
URL Shortener Like or, we have our own service that abbreviates long URL's to include in your SMS.
WAP Sites Every keyword in our system has its own unique mobile web site to post HTML, content, and images.