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The SUMOTEXT SMS Gateway hosts short codes for some of America's most respected agencies, brands, and non-profits such as the Pepsi Bottling Group, AAA Insurance, L'Oreal USA, Quest Diagnostics, Senator John McCain, New York Racing Association, Los Angeles Newspaper Group, Heifer International, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and many others.

We aggregate mobile connections for every single carrier that accepts common short codes representing over 98% of all mobile subscribers in the U.S. We also provide connections to Canada as well as over 800 wireless carriers in over 200 countries.

Reference our published list of SMS Gateway Carrier Connections.

Please call to request our published pricing with rates as low as $.005 per message.

Please call to request our published API DOCUMENT.

A Brief Excerpt from our SMS API GUIDE

If a client would like to bypass the logic and controls of the SUMOTEXT online campaign management tools and only use SUMOTEXT as a pure SMS Gateway, SUMOTEXT can forward 'some' or 'all' mobile originated (MO) messages directly to the client. When a mobile originated (MO) text message is received by the SUMOTEXT System, it can be posted as an HTTP Get to a webpage you have registered in our system. 

The post will be a fully formed URL with 6 query string parameters:

Mobile (Mobile number SMS originated from)
Carrier (Carrier code for Mobile Number)
Smsid (Unique SMS Identifier)
Shortcode (Short code used)
Key (Keyword, may be specific or default)
Msg (Complete Message sent)

In order to use the SUMOTEXT API to send an MT, your server‘s IP Address must be registered in the SUMOTEXT API Database and tied to a specific account and dedicated short code. If a SUMOTEXT client has a dedicated short code, they are free to send messages via our online campaign management tools or via their own internal systems. When you want to send a mobile terminated (MT) text message from your own system, SUMOTEXT will provide a dedicated web service to post to via HTTP or HTTPS.

Post an HTTP GET with 5 parameters:

mobile (Number to send MT to)
carrier (Carrier Code)
shortcode (Short Code)
key (Keyword)
msg (Text of the message)


SUMOTEXT and SMS API news at

Sprint to raise mobile messaging rates April 1

Why should Twitter and Facebook get a pass on Sprint SMS fee hike?

T-Mobile SMS rate hike raises anti-trust issues

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Other SMS API News

SMS Gateway Providers can serve dual purposes for a business

SMS gateway providers can serve in two capacities for a business - an application provider or an SMS aggregator. While SMS gateway software utilizes an aggregator to manage its short codes, a business can also come directly to an SMS gateway provider to provision its own short codes and campaign management tools on a much smaller scale. However, not all SMS API's are created equal.

A self-service application is a big step in allowing a business to feel in control of their account. This provides a business independence in managing their database and when they send out a text promotion. Having a self-service application is also a great quality for any top of the line SMS application to have, as well as detailed record and reporting capabilities.


CRM Integration via SMS API

When a business is searching for SMS gateway software there are several things they may want to consider. One of the bigger concerns a large corporation might have, is how the provider will integrate with their current CRM.

Luckily, SUMOTEXT has already found ways to integrate SMS API's with the CRM’s of other businesses, and is currently working on a Facebook integration strategy.

Because the application consists of a webform with customizable fields, a business may have other forms of marketing set up to collect the same information, but no way to update it when new information is collected.

SUMOTEXT offers a feature for a business to integrate a web service query string to update whatever fields need to be updated in their CRM tool, maintaining consistency between the two platforms.

SUMOTEXT has edited and condensed text message marketing industry news, articles, and blog posts from around the web. Where applicable, we have referenced and provided a link to the original source.

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