Distribute Dynamic Passbook Passes via SMS and MMS

Apple Passbook Passes

One of the most useful — and misunderstood — new features in the iPhone is called Passbook. Simply put, Apple's Passbook keeps all of your tickets, coupons, membership cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards in one place!

All you have to do is open Passbook and tap the pass you want to use. The barcode (QR, Aztec, PDF417) on the pass file is scanned by the merchant, and just like that, you have checked in for a flight, earned loyalty points, or redeemed a coupon. 

Passbook passes are also time and location enabled, which means they bubble up above the lock screen when and where you need them - like when you reach the airport or walk into the store to redeem your gift card or coupon.

Tools to Create and Manage Passbook Passes

SUMOTEXT also provides elegant Passbook creation tools: Passbook Pass Maker and Generator.

Deliver Dynamic PKPass Files

With SUMOTEXT you can easily deliver dynamic PKPass files (Passbook Passes). And unlike anyone else, we can deliver these Passes directly to your customer's device via MMS! This makes the user experience much more elegant because it doesn't require your customers to fill out forms on landing pages or download native companion apps!

With SUMOTEXT, all of our platform's campaign modes and message flows are integrated to support MMS via short codes or StarStar numbers. This allows you to easily drop Passbook passes into SMS opt-in confirmations, auto-responders, polls, contests, and surveys as well.

Deliver Passbook Passes to Android, Windows, and Blackberry

With PassWallet, Apple's Passbook specs are leveraged and PKPass files can also be sent directly to Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices as well.

Optical Scanners, POS, and CodeReadR

Because most merchants still have not upgraded to optical scanners at their point of sale (POS), mobile coupons have been relegated to plain text redemption codes. However, there are great, inexpensive solutions to scanning and validating mobile barcodes and Passbook passes at point of sale (POS), like our friends have produced at CodeReadR. CodeReadR can turn any smart phone into an optical scanner! If you want to be treated great, tell them that SUMOTEXT sent you!

Passbook new Standard for Mobile Wallets

SUMOTEXT Executives Keynote Results 2013: Mobile Marketing Day Chicago
Passbook new Standard for Mobile Wallets

View the Presentation: How to leverage SMS and MMS for Retail and CRM using Passbook Passes and the Mobile Wallet.


Passbook via MMS

Passbook API

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