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Web payment giant PayPal also promoting text message giving

Nonprofit organizations are not the only industry promoting mobile donations. Web-based payment system PayPal is now including a section of their web site to hosting charities that consumers can donate to via text.

Of the many listed charities, UNICEF, Starbright, and Amnesty International are included. To participate in text message donations on Pay Pal's web site, end users need only text the keyword or code to the short code provided by Pay Pal.

Tsunami in Japan puts spotlight back on mobile giving via text message

Response to natural disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti got the ball rolling on text message giving efforts. Just mere days after the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, many NPO’s are working with the Mobile Giving Foundation to collect emergency donations for this tragedy.

Because of the Red Cross’s notoriety, many celebrities and public figures have endorsed its mobile giving efforts, garnering even more support and awareness for raising money during Japan’s time of need. The Red Cross has already collected over $1.1 million towards aid efforts in Japan.

Without mobile giving, a large sum of donations would be lost. SMS giving reaches a demographic of people not accustomed to writing checks or mailing in pledges. The ease of donating from a cell phone opens up the ability to donate to a younger and more mobile generation.

The calls to action for mobile donations are also a lot quicker to enact. Now, anyone can put a call to action in their Facebook or Twitter status, or posting it on a website. There is no need to draw up a new print campaign or shoot a new commercial for giving efforts.

Interactive text message campaigns see higher donation, participation

The more interactive the better. Well rounded campaigns will produce not only substantial mobile donations for nonprofits, but will also provide the opportunity to make important connections with donors.

Many text message giving ASP’s will offer NPO’s the opportunity to collect text donations and be on their way. SUMOTEXT has the philosophy that no NPO should collect a mobile donation without collecting an opt-in as well.

This allows the nonprofit to stay in contact with a donor and keep them alerted to important donation opportunities in the future without having to spend tons of resources just to get the word out.

Aside from alerting previous donors about new donation opportunities, having a mobile database can also allow the NPO to simply stay in touch with donors. The NPO can let donors know what their funds are used for, what new initiatives the NPO are pursuing, as well as just general information.

Text message giving initiatives should be in place before disaster strikes

The best example of preparation for any nonprofit would be to have a database of loyal donors already opted into a keyword long before an emergency arises. This way, when there is another crisis or natural disaster, the nonprofit is already in a place where they can begin collecting donations on behalf of the crisis.

Even though the NPO will not receive the funds for 90 days, they will be that much further ahead of the NPO’s that have not even been approved to take on SMS giving and mobile donations.

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