Text Message Donations

New developments make donations more accessible

When the Mobile Giving Foundation (MGF) first began 'mobile giving' the applications were screened for organizations who would generate the biggest campaign success. This was a crucial campaign factor because of the limited manpower at MGF.

Now, smaller campaigns can be hosted by other application providers and can begin collecting mobile donations. There are however certain requirements for a 501c3 non-profit to participate in mobile giving, so be sure that your non-profit meets those minimum standards.

SUMOTEXT can quickly and easily assist any organization in understanding these basic requirements and help any nonprofit through the application process. In addition, SUMOTEXT can also assist with helping to understand how to best utilize their sms platform in order to maximize your expected donor revenue.

Natural disasters bring countries together

Nothing brings countries across the world together quite like natural disasters or catastrophes. For a few days, weeks, or even hours, people from across the globe are paying attention to the same event at the same time.

One way for anyone in the world to contribute to one of these events is by donating money to a nonprofit or charity, and now that text message donations have become a staple in donation campaigns, it is easier than ever to give.

The best aspect is that the news networks will typically advertise these donations for FREE which can lead to millions of donations rather than thousands. Disasters such as Haiti and Japan each had well over 1 million individual mobile donors come to their aid, so text message donations seem here to stay.

Winter music tour utilizes text message donations

Many nonprofit organizations already utilize some form of media to collect donations. Mobile donations via text messaging are becoming an increasingly popular tool for NPO’s because the ease of making the donation caters to any event location or time.

A well-known Christian music tour travels across the nation every winter. This year, they focused on having attendees opt in to receive daily scripture, and also gave the opportunity to donate via text during the offering. The tour wanted to accommodate those that had used their cash for merchandise and refreshments, and didn't want to write checks.

With a simple call to action on 2 large screens, attendees were whipping out their cell phones left and right to donate via text. Because they were also requesting people opt in to receive daily scriptures, the tour identified a group of people who would be interested in receiving updates and alerts about possible donation opportunities after the tour ended.

Immediacy & efficiency are motivating mobile donations

Many nonprofits are jumping on the mobile donation bandwagon because nothing beats it's immediacy and efficiency.

In the world of fundraising, when someone decides they want to give it is imperative that you get their money as quickly and easily as possible because a certain percentage will change their minds if too much time passes.

With mobile giving, the response is immediate, the collection of the funds is guaranteed, and fewer employee/volunteer hours are needed - all of these factors add to the appeal of instant SMS giving.

Efficiency is the name of the game in almost every business and industry and non-profits are trying to make the most of their budgets, just like corporate America. By using SMS for mobile donations, the appearance of being cutting edge and savvy also seems to increase donor confidence.

With every form of raising money there are expected costs associated with collecting the promised funds. But with the carriers collecting the money on the donors phone bill, a huge part of the money trail is already taken care of by using mobile donations.

At the end of the day, the immediacy and efficiency of the mobile donation far surpasses other current forms of giving so you should expect to see it more and more.

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