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Special criteria for selecting a SMS Gateway Software

The landscape can be confusing when choosing your SMS gateway provider. In an industry increasingly flooded with resellers and non-compliant companies, how can you be sure your business is working with a reputable company? Below are some helpful criteria to help you choose the best partner.

  1. Look for simple tools to track ROI.
  2. Detailed reporting should be readily available without special requests.
  3. Reports should segregate what numbers are not receiving messages.
  4. The user interface should be intuitive and easy to use.
  5. They should offer and assist with both shared and dedicated short codes.
  6. They should offer 'white glove' support when planning your first campaigns..
  7. Management tools should be able to generate customized auto responders.
  8. Platform should support Voting, Contests, and 'Text Reply' features.

CRM Integration is helpful component of SMS gateway software

When a business is searching for SMS gateway software there are several things they may want to consider. One of the bigger concerns a large corporation might have is how the provider will integrate with their current CRM.

Luckily, SUMOTEXT has already found ways to integrate with the CRM’s of other businesses including a Facebook integration strategy.

A good SMS application with CRM tools should consist of a webform with customizable fields. SUMOTEXT offers a feature to integrate a web service query string to update whatever fields need to be updated in their CRM tool, maintaining consistency between the two platforms.

When starting to build your Mobile VIP database, it's a great idea to be concerned with the CRM integration from day one.

Important features of SMS gateway providers

Having a solid application is one of the most important aspects of beginning a mobile rewards club. In order for a business to have control over their database, they need an intuitive forward-thinking self-service application platform and SMS Gateway. Instead of settling, businesses should become educated about the options and features available.

With the SUMOTEXT application, businesses have the ability to see the number of subscribers, where those subscribers are located, they can send a message that exceeds 160 characters, they can add and edit fields to create profiles for users, and can manage multiple accounts within one main account.

In addition, a business can also send a vote or poll out to their subscribers to gain valuable data about their customers. The application is even intuitive enough to store additional fields of information from incoming texts from end users. With an SMS gateway software service like SUMOTEXT, there is no reason for a business to settle for less.

Choose a technology partner, not a software reseller

With a plethora of resellers and white labelers in the mobile marketing realm, you need to make sure you choose a true technology partner as well as an industry leader.

The main problem in dealing with a reseller is that they are not invested into the industry and are more likely to be 'here today and gone tomorrow'. There are less than 15 companies, who in all honesty, can boast about having their own platform. The others may have good intentions, but without their own platform you run several risks.

A basic of any reputable company will be to follow the Consumer Best Practices guidelines to ensure the safety of their clients, company and short codes. If a company is reported for breaching the contents of the Best Practices, they risk their entire short code being turned off with little to no notice, which then puts their customers in a bad situation.

Sales support is also something to look for in a gateway provider. If your business is new to text message marketing, it will be crucial in the implementation of your text marketing campaign and the success of your growing database to have quality sales support. They can offer suggestions, tips, graphics, and any thing else needed to make your text marketing campaign a success.

But choosing a true technology partner may be the most critical thing to look for. This industry is all about technology. With a company like SUMOTEXT, all your reporting tools are at your fingertips, without a special request from the tech department.

The SUMOTEXT platform was recently ranked #1 by 'Top Ten Review' and scored 5 stars in every categories except for 1 in which it scored 4 stars. You simply wont get service and support or technology like that from a software reseller.

For many of these issues, resellers can help, but few resellers can offer all of these services and support you will need, so choose your technology partner carefully.

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