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Consumers wary of SMS marketing

A new business starting a mobile VIP club needs to put their customers at ease with SMS marketing, because by nature, people are afraid of SPAM reaching their mobile device. Some of the initial concerns a customer may have before opting-in to receive alerts are:

  1. Will I be charged for this service?
  2. How many messages am I going to get?
  3. Are you going to sell my number?
  4. Am I able to cancel this later?

These concerns are very valid because a mobile phone is a very personal device that consumers are giving businesses permission to send messages to. The only comparable medium consumers have to judge text marketing on is email marketing, and everyone know how flooded the email gateways are with SPAM and unsolicited messages.

Below are responses gateway providers can use to reassure their clients about their concerns:

  1. Will I be charged for the service? Not from the SMS gateway provider or the business. Because this is standard SMS messaging, if you have a text message plan you will not receive any charge. If you do not have a plan or are over your plan’s allotment of messages, you may incur a $.10 to $.15 cent charge per message from your wireless carrier.
  2. How many messages am I going to get? This depends on the individual business, but the Common Short Code Administration recommends no more than 8 messages per month, or 2 messages per week. Also assure your customers that the confirmation message they receive will let them know the frequency of messages they can expect to receive.
  3. Are you going to sell my number? No. It is illegal to sell a list of numbers that opted in to receive messages for one business to another business. The Mobile Marketing Association requires that consumers opt-in to receive only campaigns of their choosing, and receive the coordinating messages.
  4. Am I able to cancel this later? There is a carrier required 'opt-out' feature that will allow you to discontinue receiving the messages at any time simply replying STOP to any message on the short code. If there is not an opt-out feature in all of the messages you receive, get in touch with the company immediately and request your number be removed from their database.

Talking to your customers about these steps will reassure them that you are aware of wireless carrier rules and regulations and they are in no danger of receiving unwanted messages or charges on their mobile phones.

Text marketing and email marketing benefit one another

Both email marketing and text marketing have their distinct advantages. Instead of competing with each other, the two can actually complement one another very well.

Instead of choosing which is best, businesses should use both to their advantage. For instance, they can send out a mass email asking customers to opt-in to their mobile loyalty and rewards club. They can let them know there will be discounts and specials for mobile VIP customers only, and time-sensitive alerts that will be received faster and more reliably through text.

This relationship also works both ways. Text is a great way to alert your VIP's that your business has sent out an important email that requires immediate attention. Instead of the email sitting in someone’s inbox, getting pushed further and further down, they know right away to go check for the email and the important information.

But the best example of synergy is to use mobile to build your email list. The mobile application can make a special offer, but they will only receive this if the user will reply with their email address which is then stored automatically in a new database.

The versatility of these two mediums and their integration are key components to a business’s marketing strategy. Both should be utilized to their fullest potential by incorporating one another to show the highest ROI for the company.

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