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Mobile marketing adds a personal touch

Personal communication is an underlying benefit for a business utilizing text message marketing. A roadside billboard is for everyone, but a text message from one of your favorite brands is a much more personal and intimate connection.

There are several added benefits for businesses to implement a mobile marketing campaign other than higher redemption. For a consumer to take the step of texting a business's keyword to a short code, they have already identified themselves as a consumer who is interested in receiving promotions or discounts about that business and are naturally more inclined to act on a new mobile promotion.

There are also tools available for mobile marketing applications that can make this even more personal. A business can capture a first name or birthday, then integrate those fields into the body of a mass text message making each recipient feel special. This in turn will create loyalty and the customer is more likely to continue doing business and promoting the brand to their friends.

3 reasons for mobile marketing success

If a new trend arises, intuitive brands jump on the bandwagon to harness the potential and mobile marketing is shaping up to be the next trend. Below are three reasons businesses are integrating mobile marketing into their marketing plan:

1. Mobile marketing is very personal because this person has likely been a customer of yours and now you have asked them to become VIP.

2. No more worrying about whether your message or promotion reached its intended recipient because mobile comes with a 95% read rate.

3. SMS marketing allows your product or service to stand out. Mobile makes a business appears cutting edge and 'in the know' with current trends and technology.

Mobile Marketing has a Target

Mobile marketing is quickly becoming a viable marketing tool which is on display at retail giant Target. Target is now allowing customers to opt-in and receive text offers and alerts while building a valuable database of preferred customers which they can decide how best to use later as well. The current coupons are redeemable at any Target location.

To have a such a large brand as Target openly endorse and utilize text message marketing is a huge score for the entire industry. No longer is mobile marketing seen as a new marketing channel. With more large brands hopping on the mobile marketing bandwagon, small businesses are seeing the potential for their own success.

In the retail world, stores are promoting 'Mobile VIP Clubs' their customers can opt in to. After a customer has opted in, they can be asked about their shopping habits and preferences so they will receive customized promotions and incentives to entice them to continue doing business in the store.

-All of this is available to small business customers using the basic SUMOTEXT platform; this is not just for large brands like Target-

For restaurants, the branding of Mobile VIP Club works as well, but in a different way. Text offers sent for restaurants create more urgency. Perhaps the message is sent out at 11:00 a.m. with a a special offer only available for today's lunch crowd.

These are just a few of the ways small businesses can copy large brands success by tying a mobile strategy to their current marketing campaigns.

Simplicity helps mobile marketing shine

Recent polls and surveys show that a large percentage of social networking interaction occurs over the mobile phone. With an app for just about everything imaginable, smart phone users are on 'content overload' and many businesses are afraid mobile marketing will become obsolete because of its simplicity.

However, this is where mobile marketing can really shine. In the midst of flashy apps and premium messaging, the simple nature of SMS can be captivating to a business that may not be as tech savvy as their customers.

Asking customers to opt in to receive special promotions may actually be refreshing to customers who are now being asked to 'check in' and 'check us out on Facebook', initiating multiple steps before a discount or offer can be received. 

Simplicity is a great feature of SMS in a channel flooded with newer, bigger, better, and best. Businesses that utilize a mobile marketing agency to reach out to their clients are still going to see the return and redemption they need, as well as reaching their customers in the easiest way possible.

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