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Coupons have a new form of delivery

The use of coupons can be an integral part of many different marketing strategies. Whether it is a service-based or inventory-based business, companies are always looking for ways to increase traffic and move inventory.

Until recently, most coupons have been advertised via print (newspapers, magazines, flyers, etc.), and have required the consumer to cut and save paper coupons. Next, businesses began utilizing email lists as a way to send promotions and discounts in hopes of reaching a broader audience that may not read their print ads. This requires printing the coupon from your home computer.

Unfortunately, the email channel has become increasingly cluttered with SPAM and may consumers do not wish to receive discounts via email. There is also a risk the consumer may never see the promotion due to email blocking programs designed to catch unwated SPAM..

Today, businesses are beginning to see a large redemption for mobile coupons sent directly to their cell phones. Text messages boast a 95% read rate, so now businesses are assured the majority of their preferred customers are reading and receiving their text promotions.

The driving force behind mobile coupons is that the recipients get the message instantly, and hopefully they will redeem them quickly. Many offers will be used more quickly when provided with an expiration date, and will often create urgency for a customer to do business at the store with TODAY ONLY offers.

In fact, many businesses have long struggled with coupons that may be redeemed during their busy times rather than slow times. This is the ultimate winning factor mobile has going for it because mobile is so immediate and a business can 'time' the redemption much easier.

Mobile coupons now open to small business

Mobile marketing coupons are becoming appealing to small business. Sure, larger brands like Wendy's and Target can send out tens of thousands of messages and see large-scale redemption, but smaller businesses are also getting on board.

SUMOTEXT caters to over 500 of these small businesses who pay just $79 per month for mobile marketing which includes their first 1,000 messages. With industry redemption rates above 5%, it doesn't take long for this service to pay for itself.

The larger brands typically have their own short codes which can cost well over $1,500 per month, not including messaging fees. But with the advent of shared short codes, small businesses can obtain a keyword on a 'shared code' and begin promoting their mobile VIP club for much less money.

A shared code is less expensive because hundreds of businesses are using the same 5 digit short code and each small business is not required to complete their own individual application. These businesses can add or remove keywords rather easily when working with a quality service provider, which provides flexibility when getting started.

With the SUMOTEXT $79/month plan, the barrier to entry has been removed for the small business owner. As long as the shared code remains available, small businesses have the ability to play with the 'big boys' in the mobile space.


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