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Holidays are a great excuse for mobile alerts

Holidays are the perfect time for a business to evaluate its current marketing strategy. Major holiday milestones like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day can all be a great time to create and implement a new theme promotion.

A refreshing implementation of mobile marketing may be just the breath of fresh air a business needs to shine through the barrage of other ads and attract and reward their customers.

Holidays make it especially easy to come up with rewarding and compelling ad campaigns and a simple play on words or 'festive' quote could result in exceptional ROI.

For example, an Irish pub could send out: “Feeling lucky? With every entree receive a pot-of-gold worthy dessert for free! Tonight Only.” This is representative of St. Patrick’s Day, provides the customer with a great offer, and sets the stage for a lot of redemption.

The mobile phone is personal and so making these seasonal messages personal will also help. Many mobile marketing companies offer a way to collect data on the customer and use that data on the outgoing message.

Your recipients expect more, and with personal creativity and the right tools, you can make Holidays work for your mobile database in unlimited ways.

Mobile marketing alerts are safe for teens

Though many parents are suspicious of their kids texting into restaurants and clothing stores to join a mobile databases, text message marketing and alerts may actually be one of the safer methods of advertising for teens to be exposed to.

Unlike premium messaging, the end users will not receive charges on their cell phone bills as long as the end user has a text messaging plan, which most teens do. If they do not, they could possibly incur a .10 to .15 cent charge per message on their cell phone bill.

However, studies have shown that most everyone who would opt-in to a text messaging keyword already is familiar with texting and already has a texting plan with their carrier. In fact, many younger teens are being giving 'text only' phone plans from their parents.

Parents should be concerned with premium messaging (ring tones, games, etc.) because the charge is typically added directly to the cell phone bill and is charged every month until the service is cancelled. So, concerned parents should watch for these repeating bills

The carriers are aware of the lower and lower ages children are getting their first phone. Because of the strict rules put in place by cell phone carriers, the types of businesses allowed to sign up on shared short codes is monitored as well as the content of messages sent out.

The public can also get involved by reporting a business suspected of misleading or abusing the channel. For example, information pertaining to drugs and profanity are not allowed to be sent out over shared short codes, and anything involving alcohol has special steps to ensure the end user is over 21.

Apart from the nominal charge the user might receive if there is no text plan, mobile alerts are a good alternative to other forms of advertising for teens.

Public schools are discovering mobile alert benefits

Mobile marketing alerts are quickly becoming recognized in almost every industry, and school districts are part of the trend. While a school would not benefit from marketing a 'Mobile VIP Club', they would absolutely benefit from having their students and faculty opting into a keyword to receive emergency alert notifications as well as a multitude of potential campus announcements and reminders.

While many public schools may not have the budget for mobile alerts, they could approach area businesses for sponsorships of the mobile alert program.The sponsor could then send out a weekly or monthly message with their promotion, or tag every alert with “Sponsored by XYZ Business” to help defer the cost of the program for the school district.

Mobile marketing alerts seem to be a much better alternative to mass email lists and automated phone calls, both of which could be overlooked by parents or students in a time of emergency or during a busy work day.

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