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SMS popularity leads to bulk campaigns

As SMS gains in popularity, marketers are not far behind. Businesses have watched SMS gain speed over the last few years and have started integrating it into their marketing campaigns.

With 'Bulk SMS', one text message can be sent out to hundreds, even thousands of people at one time and offers the sender an amazing 95% read-rate. In most cases, the recipients will all get their message within seconds which can greatly enhance many uses such as conference call reminders or emergency alerts.

One of the biggest 'pros' of bulk text messaging are in the cost effectiveness of media campaigns. Instead of spending thousands on print campaigns that can take a month or more to plan and implement, businesses can decide in a few minutes a course of action and send out one bulk message and see the redemptions the same day.

For these reasons, the mobile phone is quickly becoming the 'Holy Grail' for marketers. This long term trend to go mobile and the advent of 'Bulk SMS' is sure to affect the way marketers plan their future strategies.

Schools are weathering the storm through bulk SMS

When traditional forms of mass communication fail because of bad weather and a loss of electricity, SMS can be a great alternative. Weather is a major ordeal for many school districts across the Northern U.S., and when the electricity goes out, communication suffers.

Public School Districts using bulk SMS now have a way to communicate with parents and students who may not have any other means of accessing immediate information. Bulk SMS provides this capability because it is not tied to electricity.

There are many other uses for a School District besides just weather alerts. Once a District adopts these measures by having their students and parents opt-in, they can use the tool for reminders of on-campus events, changes in venues, parking alerts, on campus emergencies, and even fund-raising.

SUMOTEXT is a leader in this industry and offers a great plan for School Districts to initiate these strategies and even offers a plan to off-set the costs through local sponsorships. So weathering the storm doesn't even have to cost money.

Bulk SMS comes just in time for large organizers

Mass SMS vs. Mass Email. Large groups and organizations are discovering that the SMS marketing boom has created a new channel – bulk SMS.

It's all about the read rate. With SPAM blockers and trash folders, billions of bulk email messages each day are deleted before being read. Some studies show that read rates for emails are at an all-time low of less than 5%.

In addition, 70% of the mobile subscribers still do not have smart phones and can't check emails 'on the go'. So time-sensitive alerts cannot be sent by email. If your local fund-raiser needs to announce a venue change or schedule a last-minute reminder, SMS wins over email on everyone's scorecard.

SMS is sure to change many more aspects of our way of life, but one thing is for sure, large organizers have a new tool and are starting to use bulk SMS to enhance their effectiveness in our mobile world.

Applebee's bulk SMS campaigns offer convenience

Bulk SMS gateways are a very convenient way for large brands to send out one text message alert and reach hundreds, even thousands of consumers at one time.

Applesauce, Inc. is a company which owns numerous Applebee's franchises that utilize the SUMOTEXT platform to send out their bulk SMS alerts to over 30,000 of their most valued customers who have 'opted-in'.

Convenience saves time and time saves money says the advisers behind the Applesauce strategy. In addition to convenience, Applesauce has seen their investment in SMS return a very favorable rate of customer redemption as well as reduce the confusion of running different campaigns in different markets.

Buy focusing on specific area codes as a target audience, large databases can be broken down into smaller targets with direct unique offers. The convenience of being able to specifically target unique locations makes these bulk campaigns much more easy to plan and implement.

Bulk SMS can be cost effective, but only with a plan

As with any type of marketing, if it can be done in bulk, the costs will go down. This is no different in text message marketing - the more messages sent out, the cheaper per message pricing will be.

By forming an overall plan that includes specific scheduled campaigns (4-6 messages per month is recommended), a business can plan their needed messages for the future and purchase these messages in larger bulk to save money.

Future growth is an issue when choosing your monthly plan with your bulk SMS provider. Successful smaller marketers should be adding hundreds of new subscribers each month, and this growth can cause you to extend your messaging needs and incur 'overage' charges.

It is crucial to pay attention to the message overage charges that may apply to your bulk SMS account. Just like mobile phone carriers, many bulk SMS providers make a large percentage of their profit when a marketer goes over their allotted monthly messaging.

There is good news... these same providers who may make more money on overage in the short term want you to succeed long term. Many SMS providers see the big picture and will work with you to make your campaigns affordable and flexible for growth.

At the end of the day, you should be choosing a bulk SMS partner, not a provider. With a partner and a plan, you should see cost savings and long term success.

Bulk SMS is a GREEN alternative

Green - Green - Green. Green is the theme for our culture right now, and direct mail pieces are the opposite of green. Capital One's credit card offers by mail may the the perfect 'Corporate Villain' example, but they are not alone.

Every day, millions of unwanted mail pieces are sent through our postal system in an effort to get a 1% response rate. The costs alone are staggering, but those who care about the environment have other reasons to hate these direct mail pieces.

Fortunately for the business owners, finding a bulk SMS gateway provider is very green, and very cost effective. The rate of return is sure to be higher than the 1% from direct mail because its sure to be read. Most of the direct mail pieces are discarded without ever being opened, while SMS boasts a 95% read-rate.

The savvy eco-friendly recipient is also more likely to respond to your bulk SMS. The result is you save money and help save the environment. The actual response rates vary, but all studies show response rates to bulk SMS far out-pace direct mail.

So, what are you waiting for? Find a bulk SMS partner and start to build that GREEN database. The environment and your recipients will both thank you.

Bulk SMS must be compliant

Sending a compliant bulk SMS is incredibly easy if a business has a reliable SMS gateway provider like the one implemented by SUMOTEXT. Unfortunately, there are still marketers who do not support the original 'opt-in' or the required 'opt-out' features and are collecting mobile numbers to solicit to anyone they can find.

Compliance can be very easy if you choose a quality service providerlike SUMOTEXT. This is all made possible through promotion of a keyword on a short code, instructing customers to opt-in to a mobile loyalty group to receive the messages. Each message also tells the recipient how they can opt-out if they decide the content is undesired.

After they have opted in compliantly, the business can send random messages throughout the month (4-6 per month is ideal) and watch their return on investment grow exponentially. The recipient will love the fact that each message ends with 'reply STOP to end'.

Many bars and clubs in the Chicago area were doing this in the past few years and the result was added difficulty and lower success for the compliant marketers in the Chicago area. In essence, the few bad apples spoiled the bunch.

After a bad experience, recipients are less-likely to opt-in to a compliant campaign. This is why regulation and oversight is so important and why individuals are encouraged to report SPAM to their mobile carriers.

For the industry to continue to grow, compliance is sure to be a key factor to a public who is already burned by unsolicited emails. But when done correctly, there is no better use of time and money than to build your successful mobile opt-in database.

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