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Large and small businesses are utilizing SMS marketing

SMS Marketing is slowly but surely appearing in ad campaigns for both large and small brands. But what is so appealing about SMS Marketing? Apart from the high read rate and solid redemption rates, the personal customer relationship developed by text marketing is something consumers and businesses both value.

Large brands began utilizing text message marketing as a way to reach hundreds if not thousands of consumers with a brief promotion or alert and the satisfaction of knowing that 95% of the messages sent would be opened within 15 minutes of receiving.

Because text message application providers like SUMOTEXT are able to lease keywords on shared short codes, the cost of text message marketing has dropped tremendously, making SMS Marketing accessible for small business clients like retail stores, apparel stores and restaurants.

SMS marketing effective because of versatility

SMS Marketing is one of the most versatile forms of marketing today. Whether its instant coupons, voting and polling, listener replies, or linking WAP pages, SMS marketing options are only limited by a marketers creativity.

Because SMS Marketing can stand on its own or be seamlessly integrated with existing marketing campaigns, it is very versatile for a business. If you have chosen the right service provider, they can also assist you with good marketing ideas and tell you things that are working for their other successful clients in your industry.

If you are new to mobile marketing, there are definitely potential blunders to avoid in marketing to something so personal as someone's mobile phone, so don't let the versatility cause you to complicate your strategies.

Mobile marketing solutions for ad space

Space is one of the most valuable and expensive aspects of advertising. Many advertising budgets do not allow for full-page, color ads, or 30-second radio spots, so businesses are constantly looking for ways to maximize the space they can afford.

Mobile calls to action are probably one of the most under-used and most effective forms of advertising, for both small and large businesses alike.

For instance, a business that utilizes classified ads or ad books (i.e. Realtors & Auto Dealers) would fully benefit from a mobile marketing keyword providing a call to action in every one of their ads.

By asking potential buyers to text a keyword to a short code, the realtor can bounce back a link with multiple color photos of the property, additional property information, as well as qualifying their potential interest level.

If the realtor purchases a bulk amount of keywords for this form of advertising, the realtor can re-use keywords after a property goes off the market by simply changing the content.

The auto industry has a similar use. Using keywords to replace certain stock photography in the newspapers, the dealers can save a lot of ad space and the buyer can get multiple high-quality color photos of the exact car rather than see a standard stock photo in black and white.

Adding a call to action provides the opportunity to fully maximize ad space as well as take their campaigns to a new level for a lower overall cost.

Use other marketing mediums to build SMS database, increase ROI

Many businesses that are using text marketing may not realize how easily it is to incorporate their SMS campaigns into other forms of marketing. Radio, TV and print can all include a call to action which can engage the listener or reader in a more intimate way.

Many end users are texting in from smart phones and they most likely have internet capabilities. Because of this, a business can configure a keyword in the ad to provide an external link complete with pictures, or to a remote site where a download can be acquired.

This allows end users the convenience of a multi-media message, without the charge or hassle. This is also a good way for businesses to keep track of how well their other forms of marketing are performing.

Because many businesses wonder how to 'spice up' a standard message campaign, adding these components are a perfect way to use different mediums on an end-user's phone and keep message content fresh and compelling.

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