SMS Marketing Coupons

Important steps in SMS coupon success

Acquiring Customer Data

To begin with, you need to get your customers to opt-in to your mobile VIP club, typically by offering an immediate reward while a customer is still on location.

After your database starts to grow with customers, you should send out text alerts asking for more personal information such as email address, likes/dislikes, favorite item, and even birthdays. This will begin a profile for your customer that you can reference later with sales and promotions or customized messages.

Create Loyalty

By customizing messages to fit your clients profiles, they will feel a personal connection with your establishment and are more likely to redeem the offer. After you have created a mini-profile for your clients, you should send them creative and corresponding SMS offers pulling from whatever data you have been able to collect.

When a customer feels a personal connection to your business, not only are they more likely to continue visiting, but they are also more likely to spread the word about your mobile alerts.

Standard SMS coupons are nothing for parents to worry about

With the age of cell phone users dipping lower and lower, many parents may begin to worry what their teenagers are downloading, who they're texting, and how much their next cell phone bill will be. Standard rated (SMS) text marketing should be the least of their worries.

With SMS coupons, parents can be assured the texts are coming from an application provider short code and these typically have a high standards to get their codes and programs approved. The rules and regulations put in place by wireless providers are so stringent that even alcohol advertising has to have the capability to ensure the end user is 21 or older.

Another good feature for parents of SMS Marketing is that the end user (typically teenagers) almost certainly have some sort of texting package already in place and so the message will be completely free in most cases. Compared to sneaky $9.99 charges for ring tones or horoscopes, SMS coupons through short codes are looking pretty harmless.

Standard SMS coupons prove more effective than proximity marketing

Proximity marketing has roots in FourSquare and apps for check-in, and the latest trend is Bluetooth. 

It seems there is a constant race for the most innovative proximity marketing solution with ads 'sensing' your Bluetooth and offering you something based on your location, and some of the solutions are looking like science fiction.

But sometimes flashy over-inventive ads can actually be a turn off to a lot of people and a business runs the risk alienating it's clientele with self-sensing Bluetooth ads. Sure, there is a choice to receive Bluetooth enabled texts… but just the initial offer may seem too intrusive.

With SMS, there is no need to make your customers 'check in' at a location or send them sneaky text messages and everyone has already accepted SMS's convenience benefits in nearly every demographic and geographic poll.

Are QR Codes beneficial to a marketing strategy?

A trend on the rise in the mobile world comes in the form of QR (quick response) codes. These boxy, pixilated images are popping up left and right in magazines, newspapers, and on products.

The process for using a QR code involves several steps, the first of which is downloading a QR Code reader on your smart phone. Keep in mind that different QR codes require different QR code readers, so multiple application downloads may be necessary.

After the application is downloaded, it is then necessary to locate a QR code to use. Using the camera feature of your smart phone, QR code apps 'read' the QR code and direct the end user to a website or WAP site to give them more information of the item they are searching for.

While QR codes can be an inventive component to add to current marketing strategies, the appeal will not be as universal as SMS marketing.

One of the biggest drawbacks of QR codes is their exclusivity of any cell phone other than a smart phone. If a phone doesn't’t have internet/application/camera access, QR codes are irrelevant.

SMS Marketing is a more inclusive form of marketing that will cater to all text-capable cell phones, not just smart phones. QR codes can be flashy and fun for some end users, but businesses should also stick with the basics when it comes to mobile marketing.

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