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SMS marketing is one of the quickest ways to reach a large audience at one time

As with any new gadget or concept, the technology behind mobile marketing is advancing quickly.

The practicality of SMS marketing lies in it's real-time response rate. Most cell phone users have their phone with them or within reach all day and studies show 95% of those who receive a text will read it within the first 15 minutes.

Scheduling an SMS alert or offer is an easy way to ensure traffic and redemption in a business's location. Because it can be set up in advance, an account manager could go in, schedule the messages in advance, and not have to worry about whether an employee remembered to send out the text message alert.

A great tip would be to make these offers and promotion good 'today only' so that you control when you want to drive in the traffic. The instant nature of SMS insures a business the ability to reach their customers exactly when they want to.

SMS marketing effective on its own or in joint effort

SMS Marketing is just one mobile option which can include MMS, WAP and other mobile applications.

Used alone, SMS marketing still reaches almost all cell phone users with text capability. There is no reason for a business to worry that some of its consumers are not being reached because most cell phones are text message compatible.

In comparison, MMS marketing and WAP sites/mobile apps only cater to users with smart phones and internet access. In an industry that may have older customers, a business runs the risk of not reaching these customers.

SMS marketing also works very well in conjunction with the other forms of mobile marketing. For instance, a business can use an SMS message to provide a link to an external WAP site or mobile app download, as well as an offer.

Once they are comfortable with their SMS presence, a business may then start looking into other mobile marketing avenues. However, with the right company, there isn't much SMS can’t accomplish on its own.

From order confirmations to restaurant feedback, lead generation to retail discounts, SMS is truly a multi-faceted channel with an edge over all other forms of mobile marketing.

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