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Top NPO's combine SMS giving with SMS marketing

Many nonprofit organizations are starting to jump on the SMS giving bandwagon. The NPO’s that are eligible have the opportunity to collect a $5 or $10 donation from a mobile phone subscriber. This donation is applied to the users cell phone bill and collected by the carriers. The transactions fee taken by the carriers is very small, typically just $.25 cents, making mobile giving a very efficient way of excepting donations.

Though there are nine different application service providers that work through Mobile Giving Foundation, and each has a different approach for NPO’s. SUMOTEXT is one of these 9 and has the mindset that a nonprofit should’t focus 'entirely' on SMS giving services. When someone is taking the time to send mobile donations via texting, SUMOTEXT feels it is imperative the NPO collect a compliant 'opt-in' as well.

With a compliant optin, these same nonprofits can use the mobile platform to engage their audiences and stay in touch with them throughout the year, even when they are not asking for money. By doing this from day one of adopting a mobile initiative, the connection will have already been established before the financial need arises resulting in a larger expected ROI for their mobile initiatives.

Organizations like the Red Cross have crafted applications for smart phones such as iPhone and Android that give people the opportunity to download the application and watch how the donations are growing and also to feel more apart of the results of their gift. Among showing donation amounts, these applications can also provide real-time news, social media connections and SMS giving reports right from within the application.

'Now' mentality works in favor for SMS giving Services

Consumers are living in a fast paced, quick-serve mentality and non-profits need to find a way to take advantage of the times. To feed this new trend, SMS giving is a way to instantly take advantage of a quick decision for someone to donate instantly.

Until now, setting up a website with credit card feature would have been the fastest way someone could donate money. But with mobile giving and the ease and quickness of texting in your donation, non-profits are sure to have a higher donation rate.

Nonprofits and charitable organizations are becoming increasingly public with their funding efforts and mobile giving can boost this public awareness because it is seen as being technology savvy as well as an efficient use of manpower.

Because the Mobile Giving Foundation has partnered with several different application providers, SMS giving services are much easier and more accessible than they were several years ago.

Giving via SMS quickly gained notoriety with the Red Cross and the disasters in Haiti and most recently in Japan. In the past, only the largest NPO's like the Red Cross were allowed to use this unique format. Today, there are certain regulations for a 501c3 to qualify, but the smaller NPO's that do qualify are now able to participate in mobile giving.

Today, the Mobile Giving Foundation currently works with 9 different approved providers and SUMOTEXT is proud to offer this service to all qualifying NPO's.

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