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Tragedies draw attention to mobile giving campaigns

Tragedies in Haiti and the Gulf oil spill have brought to light a relatively new phenomenon: Mobile Giving.

Mobile Giving is as simple as texting a keyword to a short code and confirming the message. Anyone with a text-enabled cell phone can give and feel part of aiding in large disasters or nonprofit organizations and the collection of the funds is automatic through the phone carriers.

Though SMS giving was spawned from tragedies, traditional nonprofits have started mobile giving campaigns for their organizations. Even large churches are doing mobile donations instead of 'passing the plate' for certain fund-raising events.

One key ingredient to maximizing donations for these recent world-wide tragedies in Haiti and Japan was that many TV networks offered FREE promotion of the 'call-to-action' so millions of people were made aware instantly.

For a smaller crisis, spreading the word is the main hurdle to receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential donor aid. Organizations that already have a keyword on a short code for mass communication are better equipped to spread the word.

SUMOTEXT offers an all-encompassing platform for NPO's that can help them build this valuable distribution network of communication there the organization can later decide if they want to add mobile giving or not.

Whether it be a large tragedy or a common fund raising event, studies have shown that people are more likely to donate when they can instantly see the need and instantly make the donation which mobile donations offer.

Japan's recent disaster speeds mobile giving

Mobile donations are currently in the spotlight because of the many initiatives going on to fund donations for the Tsunami and earthquake in Japan.

Though other natural disasters like the earthquake in Haiti helped spotlight mobile giving, the response rates for mobile giving campaigns for Japan have been exponentially faster.

Not only were the keywords and campaigns set up by many large nonprofit organizations before the distaster struck, but the star power behind promotion of the giving keywords helped thrust the initiatives into the mainstream.

The immediate financial response in Japan definitely exceeded the initial response to other disasters as mobile giving solutions are just now gaining ground. Expect to see more as the NPO's and the donors are all getting in on the trend.

Media outlets jump on the mobile giving bandwagon

The 24/7 news media can be a blessing in disguise for many nonprofit organizations. The media can draw immense amounts of attention in a short amount of time to a disaster or a need, and can also spotlight aid organizations in an equally fast amount of time.

A donation technique that is a perfect fit for this fast paced exposure is mobile giving. When a nonprofit organization is faced with a great need, the bottom line is exposure and quick turn around time to maximize the donations as quickly as possible.

What better way to use all the media exposure then to promote a mobile call to action at the same time? Mobile giving donations can be received at any time during the day, so the night owl who catches the coverage at 2 a.m. can still text in a donation.

Many radio and TV stations are required to promote a certain amount of content toward local charities or non-profit events and mobile giving is a great opportunity for them to be involved and meet their FCC requirements.

Social Networking can help your mobile giving

Acquiring a mobile giving keyword and short code is just a small part of executing a successful mobile giving campaign. A nonprofit will benefit the most by cross promotion of its giving campaign and current promotional strategies.

Promoting a charitable giving campaign on Facebook is one of the quickest ways to reach a large number of people. After a donation call to action is placed on a Facebook status, it appears on the 'wall' of any and all friends connected to the nonprofit organizations account.

One of the benefits of using a Social Network like Facebook to promote your mobile donation is these wall tags reach so many more people who are not already part of your constituency and you may want to learn more about you.


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