Short Code FAQ

Do you have a program for Advertising Agencies?

Yes. Please call and ask about our agency partnership program.

How does SUMOTEXT fit into the competitive landscape?

There are 4 categories of platforms that control SMS and MMS via short codes:

The majority of platforms can best be described as online self-service tools that allow program managers to quickly configure the basic functions of mobile marketing such as auto-responders and scheduled messages.

These platforms also typically provide the basic features to plan, execute, and measure mobile marketing campaigns. However, their more advanced features are delivered to clients through time and material engagements where technical developers write custom code for each client or campaign through custom requests or work orders.

Some platforms attempt to productize robust campaign modes and message flows and include features for data collection, segmentation, personalization, and targeting. Most of these platforms also include API's and special views, reports, and controls for agencies and enterprises. The most advanced self-service platforms like SUMOTEXT go further by tightly integrating event triggers for geo fences, LBS, MMS, voice, and IVR.

While leading 'Back Office' tools are often capable of accomplishing many of these same tasks, because they were designed by back-end focused developers instead of front-end focused product managers, they are notoriously difficult for non-technical personnel to navigate and configure. Client's campaigns on these platforms are typically setup and tested by vendor resources through managed services agreements.

What is SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is the standard by which all phones send and receive text messages. 'Text Messages' and 'SMS' are often used synonymously. Standard text messages are limited in size to 160 characters

What is MMS?

MMS stands for Multimedia Message Service and is the standard by which all phones send and receive text messages that include audio, video, and pictures. In addition to the multimedia slide show content, the MMS message can include over 1,000 characters of text.

What is a StarStar Code?

Star Star codes are intelligent vanity phone numbers. They provide a fast and familiar way for consumers to respond to Radio, TV, Print, and Outdoor ads through a simple phone call. For a demo, simply call **ESPN. The SUMOTEXT platform fully controls star star codes and our geo fences can forward calls based on the caller's current physical location.

What is a Local Star Star Number?

In June 2012, SUMOTEXT formed the subsidiary, Star Star Local, and announced an exclusive partnership agreement with Zoove Corporation, the wireless carrier's own official national registry of StarStar codes. Through this agreement, we also became the exclusive licensee to many of Zoove's most popular generic codes that describe local business service categories including **BANK, **LIMO, **EDU, **TOW, and **SOLD.

What is a Short Code?

It's a 5 or 6 digit abbreviated phone number that carriers assign to businesses that want to send text messages over their network. Consumers can text HELP to the short code to find out more about the business and the program. Short Code programs have to be individually approved by each wireless carrier. This prevents spammers and marketers from sending unsolicited messages into their networks.

Do I need a dedicated Short Code?

It depends, but probably not. Our program and tools are approved by carriers to allow qualifying SMS marketing and SMS giving programs to share one of our existing short codes. The KEYWORD you choose is your unique identifier. Please note that we are very particular when approving programs for an existing short code and that we regularly report new programs to wireless carriers to ensure continued compliance. However, we can also get you a dedicated short code or host your existing one.

How do I get a Dedicated Short Code?

We can submit an application to the CSCA for a dedicated short code. The costs are $500/month for an assigned short code and $1,000/month for a requested vanity short code. Most reputable mobile marketing companies like SUMOTEXT do not mark these fees up. After your dedicated short code is reserved, SUMOTEXT creates and submits program briefs to wireless carriers to gain access to their network. The process currently takes about 8 weeks from start to finish and is required for custom applications using our SMS gateway.

Do my customers get charged to receive text messages?

Not from us - and most wireless carriers include text messaging with their service plans. However, consumers may be charged 10-20 cents if text messaging is not included in their wireless service plan.

What is a Mobile Marketing Opt-In?

In order to send someone a text message, you must first get their explicit permission. This can be accomplished in 1 of 2 ways. The user may text your KEYWORD to the short code. This is all that is required. However, the user can submit their request from a web form. NOTE: When using a web form, the user must select a checkbox on the web form that explicitly grants SMS permissions - and - the user must reply "YES" to the double opt-in request message the system sends to the user's phone.

What is a Mobile Marketing Double Opt-In?

It is when the consumer confirms their handset by replying "YES" to the web form's confirmation request message. Note: This is only required when the user opts-in via a web form.

What elements are required to be in the system's 'Opt-In Confirmation' message?

All subscription or alert services (even standard rated programs) must provide a compliant opt-In confirmation message. That message must contain: 1) The content provider's name, 2) the program description, 3) the intended frequency of alerts (e.g. "Max 8msg/mth"), 4) the rate/cost disclosure (e.g. "Msg & Data rates may apply."), and 5) instructions for how to quit the service or get help (e.g. "Reply HELP for help").

How do my customers Opt-Out?

Users can Opt-Out at any time by replying STOP to any message they receive.

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