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Leverage your Facebook Fan Page to collect profiles and SMS marketing opt-ins
   Posted: December 16, 2015

Facebook Tabs for SMS Marketing

Install any of our 8 Custom Facebook Applications on your Fan Page!


Any new or existing client with an sms marketing plancan install any of our Facebook applications without additional charge.

If you are not yet ready to fully utilize the SUMOTEXT mobile marketing platform to schedule outbound campaigns to your growing database of subscribers, then SUMOTEXT provides the following FACEBOOK-ONLY service plans:

Facebook Fans
SMS Messages Included
Set-Up Fee
Monthly Fee
0 - 500
500 - 2,000
2,000 - 10,000

Face-Book Only Module Includes:

Short Code 84700 (VIP00)
Any or All of our custom Facebook tabs
Automatic, carrier-compliant mobile opt-in and double opt-in
One (1) mobile keyword  to promote anywhere - e.g. web site, email, signage
Full access to our online campaign management tools
Unlimited SMS opt-in confirmations, SMS auto-responders, SMS coupons, etc.

Face-Book Only Module does NOT Include:

Scheduling messages to groups or distribution lists

NOTE: In other words, this program fully supports building your database and subscriber profiles at Facebook via compliant opt-in confirmations, auto-responders that reward subscribers for joining, and mobile polls and contests. This program also includes FULL acceess to the SUMOTEXT online campaign management tools - to configure your keywords and message flows, customize your web forms and data collection fields, and organize your subscribers into lists and groups. The ONLY feature that is disabled for this introductory service, is your ability to create or schedule outbound SMS campaigns to your groups or distribution lists. Just call us when you are ready!


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