Facebook Applications for SMS Marketing

Step 1: Install the 'SMS Marketing by SUMOTEXT' Facebook application

Go to: https://apps.facebook.com/sumotextstatus/
This will take you to a REQUEST FOR PERMISSION page. Please select "ALLOW".
This will enable you to post updates to your Facebook wall when you schedule an outbound sms marketing campaign from within the SUMOTEXT campaign management plaform.

Step 2: Connect your Facebook fan page to a SUMOTEXT keyword

A. Choose which FAN PAGE you want to post updates
B. Choose your SUMOTEXT shortcode
C. Choose your SUMOTEXT keyword


Step 3: Install the 'Get SMS Alerts' tab on your Facebook fan page

A. Go to: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=124782717575337
B. Click: Add to My Page. This enables you to have custom Facebook tabs installed on your fan page.


Step 4: Login to SUMOTEXT and configure your custom web form

A. http://sms.sumotext.com
B. Login and Navigate to SETTINGS - WEB FORM
C. Edit/Add/Delete fields to create your custom web form
D. Click: 'View Online' - then copy the URL link of your custom web form


Step 5: Login to SUMOTEXT and point your Web Form to Facebook

A. http://sms.sumotext.com
B. Login and Navigate to SETTINGS - KEYWORD SETTINGS
C. Paste the URL link into the empty box at the bottom of the page "SUMOTEXT web opt-in URL"
D. Click: Save


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